We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified Balloon Company performing Luxurious and High Quality Balloon flights in Cappadocia, which fact, distinguishes us from rivals in competition. We are not one of the traditional balloon companies that maintain a huge pool of balloons.  We organize our tours on a minimum number of Hot Air Balloons with a view to offer a more customized and comfortable flight service to our clients.

What is Different with Us?

- First of all, we use Hot Air Balloons manufactured by Lindstrand Balloons, an U.K. based corporation known as the most prestigious Hot Air Balloon Producer of the world.  These balloons represent the only new generation of balloons with silver coated finishes, designed for longevity, whilst offering the highest level of safety in flight thanks to the materials used in their construction.

- Our Pilots are highly respected, skilful adepts residing in the Cappadocia region, with lengthy historical records, in balloon flights.

- All our passengers are covered at best cover amounts, available among competitors operating in Cappadocia.

- An open snack breakfast is served to all guests right before take-off, at our flight centre. We are the only Hot Air Balloon Flight Company that offers a “real” Open Snack Breakfast across Cappadocia.

- Moreover, our company is one of the newest “American Express Selects”, a prestigious award scheme recognised by the entire world, in addition to the most favoured balloon flyer in Turkey that is highly voted on Trip Advisor’s website. Furthermore, our company is being recommended by many travel guides / websites. These include, CNN International, Forbes, Turkey Travel Planner (Tom Brosnahan), Frommer’s Kiwi Collection, Rurubu and Time Out, among others.

- Our Company retains current and valid membership positions with the world’s most prestigious organisations in its profession, namely, the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), with which we are the sole registrant from Turkey, Balloon Federation of America (BFA), with which we hold the only corporate membership from Turkey, and the British Balloon and Aviation Club (BBAC).

We believe that all human beings should taste every flavour that life has to present, as one-time visitors of this charming realm, until they give off their last breath. A hot air balloon flight above Cappadocia is the one experience that you can have all in your lifetime and we are fully at your disposal, to give you unforgettable moments, as our privileged and special customers.